Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Third Space Books - the new name for SSG?

A new website has appeared: Third Space Books (Update: site removed as of Thursday afternoon 7th February) (Further update: It's back again).

Is this to be the new identity for the SSG shops? Please note the question mark here and in the title to this post. I do not know the answer to the question.

The site lists the former SPCK bookshops along with 'SSG's Manningham Bookshop' and 'SSG's Poole Bookshop'. The 'About page' of Third Space Books continues to describe the chain as the SPCK Bookshops of Saint Stephen the Great LLC'. Both 'Winchester' and 'Worchester' are included.

Oddly the site is selling books through Amazon, rather than through their own SSG Online site (the former SPCK Online). It is Amazon USA, not Amazon UK.

This site raises many questions, the reason for its existence being the main one.

Meanwhile discussion of recent events continues elsewhere - on the Network Norwich site I linked to this morning (Pages 1 and 2), also here on the same site and on a revived thread at Ship of Fools.

The Facebook group and YouTube video page have also seen an update or two.

Once again, if you scroll down the 'Save the SPCK' category you'll find details of all the latest events in the SSG / SPCK bookshop saga including news of the staff at several shops who were sacked by e-mail in the last few days.

Please excuse the 5th post about SSG / SPCK in as many days, but it has been quite an extraordinary week and I feel that is important to make the information available. I haven't forgotten about all of the other topics in the world, I promise.

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