Thursday, 7 February 2008

SPCK / SSG latest

Worcester staff sacked
4 staff members at the Worcester SSG shop were sacked this afternoon.

Urgent request
Several media organisations are interested in the latest developments in the SSG / SPCK shop saga.

I'm in touch with the former Norwich staff, but it would be really useful to have some contacts who are willing to talk to the media at some of the other shops closed in the last week, in particular Sheffield. If you are willing to talk or can give me a contact please e-mail me dave at or phone 07982 450593 (or my own personal numbers if you know them). Please indicate that you are willing for me to pass on your details - I won't pass on info without your permission. These are news organisations that you will have heard of.

Shops told to sell off stock
I'm just getting reports in that staff in the shops are today being told to:

1. Return as much stock as possible to the publishers suppliers for refunds
2. Put the remainder on sale at clearance prices
3. Approach local churches and offer them stock at a knockdown price

If anyone else can verify these reports please let me know.

Mark Brewer responds
Mark Brewer has commented on the recent shop closures:

SSG chairman Mark Brewer said: "This charity intends to carry on Christian bookselling in Norwich so long as we have the custom and support of the Christian community in the city.
"That support is particularly important at present in view of the challenging economic environment that virtually all High Street retailers are experiencing throughout the country."

Mr Brewer said the organization had not "sacked" the staff via email.

He said: "We have recently completed new contract consultations throughout the charity. Unfortunately, certain persons have chosen to terminate their employment rather than agree to the new contract. This is a matter of the employees' personal and individual choice; it is not the action of the charity."

Other links

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This comment by Father Gregory Hallam of the Antiochian Orthodox Church gives an insight into the feelings of those in the Orthodox church in the UK.

This site

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