Friday, 8 February 2008

Former SPCK shops: some glimmer of hope?

In Norwich local Christians are mobilising themselves. See Network Norwich : Rescue plan for Norwich Christian literature. They are also 'concerned about the potential loss of Christian literature in Norwich'. [Flippant aside which should be ignored: If you see any please hand it in.]

In Lincoln Unicorn Tree Books, run by a former SPCK manager reports on recent events and asks for local support so that they can supply church supplies.

Elsewhere I'm aware that new ventures are being seriously considered. I can't say anything more at the moment, but as soon as plans can be made public, they will be.

Other news
The Church Times has an article and a letter from Mr John Hannett of USDAW, but they are subscriber-only at the moment I'm afraid.


Report from the comments section: A former manager from the Birmingham shop has set up a market stall in the Birmingham Indoor Market. It's called The Gift Centre and she mainly deals in cards, rosaries, sacred hearts, statues, candles, incense and children's books, and suchlike.

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