Friday, 22 February 2008

SSG / former SPCK bookshop developments

Phone lines go down
The phone lines at the SSG / former SPCK bookshops went down yesterday lunchtime. At the time of writing (Friday 8.30am) phoning any of the bookshop numbers gives you three beeps followed by 'This number does not receive incoming calls'. There have also been reports that the PDQ machines which take credit card payments will be affected.

Bookseller article
There's an article in the Bookseller by Graeme Neill: Christian chain mulls franchising.

Cambridge reprieve?
I have heard that there is to be a reprieve for the Canterbury SSG / former SPCK bookshop. The closure notices in the windows have been taken down. I have no information on the details, whether it is temporary or permanent etc. More about this within the next few days.

Another article on the Network Norwich site: Norwich SPCK closure goes on as union steps in. I notice that there is a comment from a bishop on this page, albeit a retired one. Bishop David Leake is the former bishop of Argentina. This is possibly (please correct me of I'm wrong) the first supportive public statement of any sort by any bishop about the plight of the former SPCK shops - lets hope it isn't the last.

Publisher makes statement
My own publisher SCM-Canterbury press has made this statement on its website.

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