Monday, 9 June 2008

Former SPCK shops: is SSG's 'bankruptcy' legitimate?

The fallout from SSG's 'bankruptcy' continues. Phil Groom asks whether their bankruptcy claim is legitimate.

A commenter on Phil Groom's site says that the new company ENC Management 'consists of the Brewer brothers and one of their wives'. Also 'the two independent shops have been told to deposit takings in a new bank account in the name of Saint Stephen the Great Charitable Trust'.

Phil asks whether 'filing for bankruptcy in the USA can, in any case, apply to SSG as a UK registered charity'. A good question.

If I have the date right Alison Speddings' tribunal case begins today in Sheffield. All best wishes to you Alison.

The Chester shop is closed (above). I am also told that the Newcastle shop is closed. Please update me as to the status of any others.

If you can help get the word out about this then please do. The world needs to hear.

[Thanks to Peter for the photo]

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