Saturday, 29 March 2008

Has Winchester SPCK / SSG gone independent?

An announcement in Winchester Diocesan circular for April 08 ('Ministry' - Resource Pack for Clergy & Readers) reads:

Winchester Christian Bookshop - I am pleased to advise that the former SPCK bookshop in Winchester has now become an independent concern operating under the name of 'Winchester Christian Bookshop'. The owner and manager is Mr Christoph Jacob, who worked in SPCK for some fourteen years, including a period in Winchester as Assistant Manager to William Cole. Mr Jacob is keen to operate his shop along the SPCK practices, but also to make some changes to improve on customer service and to reconnect with the community. He would be delighted to welcome clergy and lay people from the Diocese and discuss any specific requirements you may have. His telephone number is 01962 866617

+Michael Winton

Thanks to James for the tip.

Whether the shop is really independent or whether there is some sort of franchise deal going on remains to be seen. If anyone has info let us know.

I also remain confused about the status of certain other 'independent' shops - Leicester for instance. Are they essentially franchises?

In other news - the Blog has posted the SSG video (the one where they are
rescuing Britain's Christian heritage).

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